By @SimonCocking. We’ve featured a few articles by Terence Mauri, and also interviewed him. His book is now officially launched so you can make your own mind up about his thoughts on leadership.

See our interview with him here

Businesses need to upgrade their leadership model or become obsolete. Terence Mauri interviewed

In terms of how we found the book. It is a useful book with lots of good examples of interesting approaches to leadership, and creative ways to achieve positive results. Having reviewed a number of books recently that look at leadership and ways to achieve positive results, it is clear that the old methods are quite possibly no longer relevant or effective. With this in mind books like this one are useful to read to try and work out what may, or may not be the best approach for your businesses.

His section on leading fast and slow (p114) is a good exercise is working out what is best for your company. Things move faster these days and you need to be considering possible changes to your plans before someone else comes along and does it better than you do. At the same time he cautions around the importance to remember to consider the bigger picture. While we are in a time of constant notifications and updates it is still the case that most businesses need five to seven years to become ‘over night successes’, so sometimes it might make sense to do nothing rather than just blindly react to events.

This book is perhaps best used as a series of possible plays, and suggestions on how to look at things differently, to consider as possible ideas to try out when things are not going to plan.

Networking smarter, by Terence Mauri, author of The Leader’s Mindset: How To Win In The Age of Disruption

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