By  @SimonCocking, review of The Leader’s Guide to Lateral Thinking Skills: Unlocking the Creativity and Innovation in You and Your Team by Paul Sloane. Available from Amazon here

In this guide to leadership, highly acclaimed author, trainer and presenter Paul Sloane shares dynamic techniques that are sure to unleash creative energy and lateral thinking. Packed with real-life examples, practical methods and lateral thinking exercises, the book encourages you to question your assumptions and develop new ideas with a variety of techniques. Lateral thinking puzzles at the end of each chapter illustrate the importance of thinking outside the box.

We reviewed Paul’s last book only last year, so he is clearly a busy guy. This is a hot topic too, and we enjoyed reading his ideas. It is always useful to question your assumptions, even if perhaps ‘thinking outside the box’, Edward De Bono’s multicoloured hats, and brainstorming might all be a bit past their sell by date. At the same time innovation is often about looking at your square peg in a round hole, and realising what you actually need is something that no one else has even dreamed of yet.

Think like an innovator by Paul Sloane, reviewed

In this context you have nothing to lose from reading a book like this, and it would probably serve you well as something to thumb through to try out different ideas and approaches on different days. Thinking back to my time at a large multinational company that created software, nothing was more stifling and deadening than their much touted agile team forming days which were so formulaic as to crush any actual innovation or spontaneity. Dipping into a book like this might just help to freshen up their thinking, and just possibly help save them from the slow fall into obsolescence that might just be their fate otherwise.

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