Blockchain technology has massive possibilities that will impact the future as we know it, and 80% of banking experts say that the blockchain technology will cause many changes in the next 20 years. Blockchain will change the way we handle and manage online transactions which will more than likely disrupt the banking and financial industry.

Equally passionate about cryptos and nurturing similar predictions as our team, people from the BitFortune squad point out to the fact that blockchain enables decentralized transactions across a P2P network, which means that there is no mediator, resulting in fewer fees to pay and almost instant operations. Any transactions that are carried out through the blockchain system are much more secure and transparent.

Businesses would be prone to using the blockchain system because of its various benefits. These benefits include time and cost efficiency, time-saving (and time is money in business), privacy, security, fraud reduction, smart contracts, record keeping, and decentralization. Besides, blockchain storage costs can reduce the price of cloud computing up to 50%-100%. Why would a business avoid using blockchain technology?

Some businesses have already started to implement and utilize this technology. For those who haven’t, it is only a matter of time until the trend catches on. Business such as banks and insurance are ones that blockchain would benefit in a significant way.

Blockchain can help private transport and ridesharing by using smart contracts and reducing the time for lease/rent/procurement. What’s more, there will be a transparent customer base with a direct connection between riders and drivers.

Changes are Already Happening

Not surprisingly, blockchain technology can even benefit charity organizations. With complete transparency of transactions and publicly shared financial reports, organizations can effectively manage their donations and funding to use in the best possible way. The Water Project and Save The Children already started accepting Bitcoin in 2014, while Antiwar began accepting Bitcoin in 2012.

Excellent use for this technology would be in the voting system. Blockchain systems are transparent to the public with high security, which means that governments would not be able to tamper with votes. Sierra Leone was allegedly the first country to have used Blockchain voting in 2018.

The possibilities seem endless with Blockchain technology. For now, the benefits seem to outweigh the negatives, but this will remain to be seen as this technology gets carried out over the next couple of years. One thing is for sure, the world as we know it will definitely be changing whether we like it or not.

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