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Episode 8 is now out. I discuss how Kora’s ICO could enable it to open the financial system to all. More below.

This week the ‘Mother of all Banks’, the Bank of England (or at least its Governor Mark Carney) has been publicly musing (it seems little more than that) for the first time about ‘The Future of Money’ in the light of cryptocurrencies – and how the bank and the incumbents plan to take charge of it.

Fiat-cryptocurrencies anyone? Not necessarily such a terrible idea perhaps – provided the old lady of Threadneedle Street (as UK’s central  bank is known) is never again the sole franchisee and is obliged, as now, to compete (and why not?) with a fast developing newer, more innovative model…. that needs no central bank.

Is there any reason why central banks, a service to the country, should not now also be subject to competition? Is it not, after all, the main plank of the healthy capitalism it seeks to empower and exemplify?

I look at Mark Carney’s speech in an article “MONEY AND THE FUTURE OF THE BANK OF ENGLAND: HAS THE CRYPTO BATTLE BEGUN?”. Watch out too for a #BlockchainBytes debate here on on this very subject very soon!

Meanwhile: “Talent is evenly distributed but opportunity is not”, good financial services are not just a utility, but something that every person is entitled to; say the founders of Kora who’re behind it’s ICO – taking entrepreneurial action to make this a reality. So…

In episode 8 of ICORadio’s #BlockchainBytes I interview Maomao Hu (COO and co-founder) and Dickson Nsofor (CEO and co-founder) of Kora Network about their ICO and initiative for blockchain-powered financial inclusion – across Africa and the world; a pilot project empowering farmers in Nigeria; their tokens and ICO; and how to get involved.


  • In the pyramid of financial inclusion farmers have been badly served, yet do the most work.
  • Kora is enabling people who’ve never had access to proper banking to be able to receive and send payments swiftly and make payments remotely.
  • “We believe that we can shrink the whole world into a small financial service village.”
  • Ultimately goal: “To make financial services not just utility, but something that every person is entitled to.”
  • “With Kora we are trying to say to the world that we understand that talent is evenly distributed but opportunity is not.”
  • Who might want to and how they can get involved with Kora – already oversubscribed by 500%.

The episode is available now on iTunes and your favorite podcast service too (if not let us know) 😉

Hope you enjoy it, Kay Klug – and please do let us know what you think! If you enjoy it please do leave a rating or review!

Barry and The ICOradio team

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