A small Irish independent production company have just launched an ambitious Kickstarter campaign to gain funding to complete a film they’ve been working on.

Frankie Fenton and Des Kelleher are making a documentary called “The Good Reactor” about an alternative type of nuclear energy called Thorium.

A half-forgotten technology from the Cold War era which could have the potential to resolve the coming energy crisis, stem mankind’s carbon emissions and render the covert development of nuclear weapons near impossible.

This investigative documentary uncovers a varied group of global scientists, environmentalist and academics who controversially believe that thorium energy holds the key to the future of our civilisation.


The film is now in the late stages of post production with the filming work complete. Funds from the Kickstarter campaign are being used to get the project over the finish line.

You can check out the Kickstarter page for this project here


Update:  The movie has reached it funding goal on Kickstarter today!

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