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Apple recently announced its iOS 12 operating system, Mojave. People can download it starting this fall. The update promises numerous advantages, but like almost all updates, it has some downsides too.

Here are some of the most pertinent details known so far.

More Developer Tools for Augmented Reality Applications

Apple’s promotional materials about iOS 12 discuss ARKit 2, which expands the capabilities of developers using it for augmented reality (AR) applications. One specific new feature is the ability to make AR apps that multiple people can experience together.

Eventually, the AR app-building options inside iOS 12 could make the interactive technology even more prominent in society.

No New Hardware

Many analysts expected that the release of Mojave might bring new hardware along with it. They discussed the potential of a new iPhone or a cheaper version of the HomePod speaker, among other possibilities.

However, people who were anxiously awaiting the debut of new hardware that shows off the new operating system’s features didn’t get their wish. Apple’s update offered plenty of things for people to get excited about but didn’t include physical products.

The Update Has Time Management and Productivity Features

People often suspect they’re spending too much time on their devices but stop short of keeping track of their habits. New features on iOS 12 that are part of Screen Time do that for them.

Daily and weekly activity reports break down the amount of time users spend in particular apps, allowing them to see the most prominent areas for improvement. Plus, an App Limits feature lets people specify the maximum amount of time they should spend in an app per day. Once they get close to the limit, a device running iOS 12 gives a warning notification.

The Do Not Disturb feature gets some upgrades with Mojave too, all of which could help people maximize productivity.

For example, they can set up Do Not Disturb, to end based on a chosen time or location. Plus, a bedtime mode for the feature hides all notifications on the lock screen and dims the screen, making incoming activity less obvious.

The Home Screen Stays the Same

An ongoing debate among mobile device users centers on which provider has the best operating system. And sometimes, the things people like best seem like small details.

For example, iOS 12 offers notification updates, but some people still think Android excels concerning how notifications display and allow user interaction.

One particular letdown about iOS 12 that makes it inferior to some other operating systems in the eyes of opinionated users is that a home screen change isn’t part of the update. Rumors indicate Apple may redesign the home screen next year, but that means people still have a while to wait. Feedback also reveals users would love if the home screen offered an always-on feature that let people check the time at a glance without picking up their phones.

iOS 12 Boosts Speed Performance

The most up-to-date operating system provides some features that may not be immediately obvious to users, such as auto-fill support for third-party password managers and more metrics about battery usage. Another feature hidden in the iOS 12 beta is support for Face ID to recognize two faces instead of only one.

However, people who recently downloaded the iOS 11.4 update Apple offered or had gotten used to any other older operating system should almost immediately notice that iOS is substantially faster.

Apple reportedly tweaked it to enhance speed related to app launches, camera access and more. Early speed tests comparing iPhones running iOS 12 versus earlier operating systems found the newest operating system is indeed faster, demonstrating how it launches native and third-party apps several seconds faster than older operating systems do.

Some Mac Gadgets Made Before 2012 Are Obsolete

Companies that deliver keynote speeches focus only on the most outstanding aspect of the news they’re promoting. That’s for time’s sake and to keep people interested. Naturally, then, some details of the iOS 12 update didn’t get mentioned during Apple’s primary announcement.

Among them is the fact that Mac computers made before 2012 won’t work with the new operating system. On a positive note, the Mojave update supports all the same Mac mobile devices as iOS 12, which means people don’t have to dash to buy new iPads and iPhones to enjoy the new features yet.

Many Considerations to Weigh

This overview demonstrates that iOS has both pros and cons for users to consider. Getting informed about them before making the switch helps people feel prepared if they choose to update.

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