By @SimonCocking, review of the GDPR Handbook, A Guide to Implementing the EU General Data Protection Regulation. Available from KoganPage. 

The GDPR Handbook is a thorough introduction to the EU General Data Protection Regulation. It covers in detail how companies of all sizes need to operate within the GDPR requirements and how to deal with information security and risk, and specifically addresses the key duties and responsibilities of the Data Protection Officer.

Using the latest research, this book will help Data Protection Officers and businesses carry out Data Protection Impact Assessments, create and enforce data protection policies, train staff and manage data protection teams. The GDPR Handbook is the ultimate, jargon-free guide for any company or organization to interpret GDPR into clear, actionable steps.

GDPR is upon us, you need to be aware of this, and compliant with its requirements. It came in at the end of May, and is now the law, with penalties to follow for those who are not in compliance. For these reasons this is a relevant book. Thankfully it is also a useful book too. The various chapters follow a logical train of thought, with clear guidance on what it is, what you need to do, and advice on how to do it well. It is vital that someone in your company is tasked with dealing with these requirements, and that you are actively ensuring that you are using data in the right way. Ultimately, moving forwards, everything is going to be about data, and have some element of data management, processing, and an awareness of what is, and is not appropriate usage of data.

In this context this book is a necessary read for all those planning to operate a business beyond May 2018!

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