In just over a years time, May 25th 2018 to be precise, the new GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) kicks in. But how many of us know this and how many of us know what we need to do and what the fines are for non-compliance? The chances are that there won’t be many yes’s to the above questions and the GDPR Awareness Colation aims to change this.

The brainchild of Gary Connolly the President and Founder of Host in Ireland the The  is a not-for-profit, fixed-term initiative, established in February 2017, to assist in raising awareness of the data privacy obligations for companies big or small, from the global multinational to single employee traders, as a result of implementation of GDPR on the near horizon.

With roots going back in February 2017 with an initial call for collaborators by Garry Connolly, President and Founder of Host in Ireland, the Coalition is currently growing in numbers on a daily basis and involves companies that include GDPR experts, vendors, legal, fiscal, event and general collaborators.

The motivation for the establishment of the initiative was a result of the growing concern that awareness of GDPR in Ireland was very imbalanced. Awareness appeared to be very high in multinational businesses to quite low within the construction and retail sectors for example.

“Ireland has a very strong and well-respected international reputation for being a leader in the digital asset hosting sector,” says Garry Connolly, Host in Ireland. “With many of the world’s leading companies calling Ireland home for their operations in Europe, it was a concern to us when we read some of the recent reports that Ireland had a below-average awareness of the GDPR in comparison to other EU countries. We felt if we could help raise this awareness, we should.

Awareness is only the first stage, and Mr Connolly admits whilst he is not an expert on the finer details of GDPR however with the support of the subject matter experts already in the Coalition, we can collectively match those that need to be made aware and those that can provide this awareness via our planned online and offline activities.

Currently, the Coalition is in the rapid formation stage and since the call for collaborators in February, has grown to over 100 partners including Irish Tech News and 150 ambassadors including me on behalf of Irish Tech News.In March 2017 Dennis Jennings, Ireland’s only member of the “Internet Hall of Fame,” came on board to serve as a co-chair with Mr Connolly.

The Coalition has a diary of GDPR events that are taking place around the country which you can view here and if you would like to become a partner or an ambassador please send an email to [email protected].


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