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Great guest post by Fintechjobs.ie which started life in 2017 and offers an online platform for people looking for employment in the Irish FinTech sector.
Founded by Gerry Gorman and David Crowley whose extensive experience in the recruitment and financial industries, respectively, allowed them to recognise the need for a dedicated platform which offers companies and jobseekers the opportunity to connect within the FinTech sector.
We offer not only jobs in and associated to the FinTech sector, but an insight into how the rapid growth of this emerging market is profoundly affecting how we live and do business now and into the future. FinTech is a global game changer that will allow many companies and careers to flourish and we are here to support this opportunity for the benefit of the Irish market.

“For the financial services sector it is the fact that they need to have access to the European market and they need a jurisdiction in which they can do that. Ireland is extremely attractive because we are English-speaking, have a common law system, and are in close proximity to the UK.” MARTIN SHANAHAN Chief Executive of IDA Ireland – Simon Cocking’s full article – Irish Tech News

Questions need to be asked and answered in the very near future to avoid potential chaos in the jobs market. Once Britain leaves the European Union, will there be any special dispensation offered to British workers looking for employment in expanding companies in the Irish FinTech sector?

Currently the UK FinTech sector employs 60,000 people and this does not include traditional banking employment. This is way ahead of New York and California in terms of headcount alone and is largely due to their access to the EU’s labour market.

Quite a number of British workers looking to move job within or into the FinTech world might now feel their best bet for career development could require relocating to a FinTech centre within the EU. Factor in language, education, standards of living and proximity, Ireland will often become first choice ahead of other EU FinTech centres like Frankfurt or Paris.

“There are signs that Dublin is increasingly being chosen as the European headquarters for multinational companies, says Anna Scally, international tax partner and FinTech Lead at accountancy firm KPMG. “Other companies, especially in Ireland’s strong FinTech market, increased operations and added headcount throughout the first quarter. Brexit is certainly a factor in this trend and Ireland is well positioned to serve as a springboard to the vast European market. Ireland’s straightforward tax regime and strong tech talent base are also attractive.” See full Irish Times article here

Traditionally Irish based employers have little patience when engaging in the red tape of work authorisation and most would choose not to if given the choice. Certain processes need to be put in place to allow this worker migration to happen. As the FinTech market, here in Ireland continues to build up a head of steam, these issues will only become more of a concern for all those involved in the recruitment process.

Whatever the scenario, www.FinTechjobs.ie is ideally placed to offer a central and dedicated platform to employees inside and outside the state looking for job opportunities in the Irish FinTech sector.

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