On Friday, May 18th, the startup Younk had an opening at the Next Block conference by Krypton Events.

Let us remind you that Younk is the first blockchain-based music label, where artists are supported directly by the community. The main goal of the project is to modernise the music industry by making sure new talent is heard and fairly compensated, while the community is actively involved in funding the up-and-coming hits in exchange for partial ownership of creative products.

Community funding and collective ownership is the only way to go forward in the music industry. Founders believe that the platform will modernize the way music is discovered and becomes popular. Younk’s Founder Andrey Dakhovskyy and Co-Founder Don Grierson have been sharing their ideas about the ambitious startup at multiple interviews conducted by CryptoMinds, VentureBeat, Cryptovest, and other well-known media representatives.

While pitching the platform’s main idea, The Younk team got an abundance of support from Next Block conference’s participants and guests.

Don Grierson, Co-Founder:
«So, what we are doing, is mixing the old and the new through Blockchain technology. Younk?—?is part of the future. Music, fortunately, will never be gone. The human soul loves music.»

Andrey Dakhovskyy, Founder:
«Artists career, artists talent, artists future can’t depend on a few people, on labels bureaucracy. We try to modernize the music industry and we do it with help of community.»

Lisa Yasko, Vice President of Social Impact:
«Last year I graduated from University of Oxford, and worked for the British government?—?again on policy level. I worked on the recommendation of how to improve access opportunities to the UK’s music education. I believe in music being a tool for social change. And I am here because Younk represents that idea. Younk enables artists to get support and make a real difference with their music in the world.»

Also Andrey, Don and Lisa announced a Forever Younk Challenge for those who left their business cards next to the Younk booth. Amongst the 70 competitors the winner was Yurii Prozorov, the CEO of CMD-Ukraine. Yuri won the super prize?—?a trip to Hawaii for two. Additionally, Andrey gave out two VIP tickets to The Rolling Stones show to Ulyana Shtybel, the Co-Founder and Vice President of HighCastle Group. Congratulations to the winners!

Ulyana Shtybel, Yurii Prozorov, Anastasiya Baginska, Andrey Dakhovskyy
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