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Blockchain will be transformative for multiple industries, not just financial services, Sam Maule top Fintech thought leader

What exactly does it mean to be an “influencer”. This has been a topic of great debate lately when it comes to financial services and in particular when it comes to fintech; rightly so in my opinion. Does a large Twitter or Facebook following justify being included on top influencer lists? Is one’s Klout score the ultimate indicator of one’s impact on an industry? Personally, I believe social media is simply one of what should be multiple metrics that should be used. Unfortunately, in many cases and lists it tends to be the only KPI used. Produce a ton of content, regardless of whether one is simply regurgitating or retweeting some other source or filling social channels with hashtags, and suddenly you just might qualify as a thought leader.

“I am not a teacher, but an awakener.”  – Robert Frost

I’ve been following and have known Chris Skinner now for several years. His blog is a must read of mine and also one of the first sources I reference for insights and material as I research any of my own keynotes or a topic related to financial services. Simply put, Chris is a rare breed. Not many today have the ability to truly understand the tenants of financial services, have the ability to see around the curve when it comes to future trends, and entertainingly articulate this both in print and on stage. He has been a voice-in-the-wilderness when it comes to the impact of digital on banking for well over a decade now and has an extensive library of personally created content that bears witness to this.

I had the opportunity to discuss Chris’ career with him recently as part of my FinTech5 Podcast series. What I enjoy most about these quick five-to-ten minute interviews is I always seen to find out something new about those I’m speaking with, even if I’ve known them for years. I hope you enjoy this interview as much as I did recording it. And add Chris to your own personal bookmarks and lists. You won’t regret it. He defines what an influencer truly is.

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