Latest update from the Switch team. March 4th – SwitchDex launches! I can’t wait for you guys to see, and use this exchange! It’s going to be awesome!

50% of all fees collected will be airdropped to ESH holders
50% of all fees collected will be airdropped to SDEX holders
From March 4th through March 31st, you can lock in fee free trading forever (besides ether gas costs) for just $10

Switch Exchange Widget
March 22nd – Switch Exchange Widget Release! This was previously our Scan&Go. As we were developing the product, this type of widget made more sense than what we were originally planning. This widget can be easily placed on any website at all, and transactions pay a kick back fee back to the affiliate the set it up. It will will work with a QR code, or a browser extension like MetaMask or Switch Browser extension thats being released April 5th!

Switch Browser Extension Coming April 5th
Here are a few more features we will be releasing on Switch in March and April! I will post pictures and more information on these soon 🙂

March 29th – Switch powered online store. This store will allow any merchant to sign up and sell their products. They can accept any altcoin using Switch. The altcoins they collect can be automatically converted into Ether, Bitcoin, or any coin they want, so they never have to do any exchanging themselves!

April 12th – Integration with the MakerDao smart contract, allowing you to collateralize ETH into CDPs. If you guys don’t know much about Maker, I highly suggest you take a look. It’s one of my favorite projects out there.

April 15th – Ethereum Name Service Registration. This allows for named ether addresses to be registered such as SwitchDex.eth

April 19th – Integration with allowing for digital collectibles to be bought and sold on Switch

April 26th – MetaMask, Switch Browser Extension, & hardware wallet integration on Switch

Should be a fun couple of months! If you guys have any questions about how these products will work, or anything else, feel free to reach out on telegram!

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