Social media is great, it connects us and paves the way to meet new and fantastic people who we may not have met otherwise. However it would be gullible of us not to realise that there is a very dark side to social media. The video above was posted to my social media timeline at the weekend and it was shocking to see every parents worst nightmare unfold. 

A gullible child is befriended by a stranger online posing to be someone else. It gets even scarier when your teen could be willing to go behind your back to meet them offline.

YouTuber Coby Persin from New York decided to tackle the issue head on and show just how willing young teenagers are to meet up with complete strangers online. Persin created a fake profile of a 15 year old boy called “Jason” and then with the parents permission, he friended three different girls aged 12-14.

A few days after talking to them on Facebook, he asked each of the girls to meet him. The parents are in on it and were all confident that their daughters would know better. However all three of the girls decided to meet up with “Jason” and when they arrived they were confronted by their parents.

It is a powerful video and a powerful lesson to learn. Persin has had over 20 million views on the video so far and he has tweeted that he will consider shooting a part 2 with boys.

If there is one video which perfectly sums up just how dangerous social media can be and that I would recommend both parents and teenagers to watch, this is it.

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