The Cyber Landscape is evolving daily and Todd Simpson the Chief Strategy Officer for AVG Technologies, Evgeny Chereshnev Vice President Global Consumer Marketing for Kaspersky Lab, Rami Essaid Co-Founder & CEO for Distil Networks, and Dermot Williams the CEO of Threatscape discussed this yesterday at the WebSummit. As the Cyber Landscape evolves, so does the security issues and threats that we face and the discussion spoke about what we can expect, what we can do, what is bad guy bounties, and why white hat hacking is good.

What we can expect is:

More SQL injection attacks like the one at TalkTalk, as companies don’t spend enough attention to cybersecurity. Social engineering will still take place unless we put steps in place to make it harder for your account details to be changed over the phone.
One of the main reasons for successful hacks is companies assuming that once they have set up their security they can sit back and relax.
Any backdoors built into your systems is giving the bad guys another way in which will not be easy to spot.
The threat that you really have to worry about involves the billions of IP addresses worldwide in IOT devices which can be easy access points.

What we can do is:

Start an economic war ensuring that it’s more expensive to hack, and when you see other companies getting hacked and also bad media coverage your investment will be fully justified.
Security is never out of the box and it has to evolve every day.
How to guides are easily available online and they outline in easy to follow steps what you need to do to get into various companies secure networks, and we have to actively keep an eye out for them.
When you are connecting with clients and business partners you must make sure that they are secure, as they can easily become the weak link in your security chain.

Bad guy bounties are also now becoming more popular and the latest example of this is the iOS 9 hack. The majority of bad guy bounties are designed to find as many exploits as possible that can then be used numerous people.

White hat hacking is becoming more prevalent as a business and is always done to help companies and people to fix any exploits. The best example of this is the hackers hired by to hack Grand Cherokee jeeps which you can see below.

They may not be in it for the money but for the notoriety and badge of honour for achieving the impossible and disproving claims that certain systems can’t be breached.

Elon Musk from Tesla broke new ground earlier this year when he did what no major business or entrepreneur has done by attending the 2015 Defcon conference, held earlier this year in Las Vegas. He came along to thank the hackers who had successfully attacked the software in his cars, and that his company was able to issue a patch after three days. If more companies reached out to the white hacking community like Elon did, they would gain new friends and possibly the best security in the world.

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