By @SimonCocking, review of the Cubed Travel Jacket Rethinking the art of clothing design. Creating high-tech clothing for urban travel and outdoor exploration.  

Designed to work in any season, on any adventure, The Cubed Travel Jacket™ has been dubbed “The Ultimate Travel Jacket” by the editors at SmarterTravel. Technical materials, innovative design, and expert construction are brought together for seamless protection from the elements. Finally, waterproof / breathable fabric meets minimalist style that flatters.


Last November we went out with our iPhone, took a roll in the kayak and discovered that the jacket, and pretty much everything else was not as water proof as we thought it was. The same morning we’d got an email talking about this jacket… hindsight is a wonderful thing, and generally 20/20. Taking the hit as the wet but extremely hot, and getting hotter iPhone showed it’s displeasure we wondered what a coat like this might be like.

We contacted them and received a review copy. The branding is very minimal, you’d struggle to even know know made it just by looking at the jacket. It fits snugly, and the seals on the wrists and neck work well, with a smart non abrasive collar section to cover your mouth – rather than have the zip niggle at you. There are multiple pockets, several of which are big enough to fit the various cameras we were reviewing, so this was great. The pocket zips are also smooth and don’t stick, and when closed are watertight which is great.

We trialed it in Ireland, in the wind, wet and rain, and also at sea on the Cape Clear to Baltimore ferry, intentionally leaning on wet parts of the boat too. It worked, you stayed dry inside, and the outside dried quickly. We also used it in Helsinki, at zero degrees, and also London in the winter, as an outer shell it works well, and then packs up small when you are in doors in their well heated buildings.  Overall it works well, the better half even borrowed it, used it, and commented positively on the two tone panels, the zips, and how it fitted well over your inner layers.

The tech inside also seems pretty cool, and could be something to watch as they build wider applications for it too. Overall we thought it worked well, was breathable, kept us dry, and worked well. Check them out to see more about their products here.

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