NO more hiding your favorite bottle in a paper bag or flagging down a store clerk to open the glass partition, booze will be on your doorstep using a smooth digital wallet and crypto.

The Aclyd Project, a payment processing platform and ID verification system initially aimed at the $26 Billion wholesale alcohol industry, recently announced the beta release of its blockchain based wallet, completed in partnership with Red Beryl Technologies. The beta version of the wallet is appropriately named To be “86’d” is a term often associated with individuals who have been ejected from a bar or alcohol serving establishment. In this case, it is individuals who have ejected themselves by requesting home delivery options for alcohol.

The vision of the Aclyd Project is to resolve several challenges by using a smart crypto wallet, including functions like KYC to ensure minors are not the ones receiving those alcoholic beverages. In addition, their platform allows industry participants to lower payment processing times and cut costs, while empowering them with smart contracts which can be utilized to form arrangements with farmers and agricultural producers, paving the way for better supply-chain management and greater wealth distribution.

“When people ask me why I use crypto, it is simple: Because delivery of alcohol requires a smarter wallet; and the industry needs a better payment system,” Says CEO of The Aclyd Project Jessica Contreras, who spoke at ChainXChange a few weeks ago along with industry leaders such as Apple’s Steve Wozniak.

ACLYD Token Sale

The token sale is currently live and until October 31st, 2018; they have sold over more 35 million tokens and are proud to be one of the few projects surpassing soft cap, specially under current market conditions. Below are included the most relevant details about the token sale:

Available for Purchase: 160,000,000
Soft Cap (USD): $500,000
Hard Cap (USD): $ 10,202,500
Token Price: 1 ACLYD = $0.07
Min. Investment: 1,000 ACLYD = $70
Accepted Payment Methods: ETH, BTC, LTC

For more information about The Aclyd Project visit

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