By @SimonCocking review of The 7 Principles of Conflict Resolution: How to resolve disputes, defuse difficult situations and reach agreement. Available here.

7 Principles of Conflict Resolution is the go-to resource for conflict and dispute resolution, whether you’re new to the subject or an experienced practitioner. 

This books sets the out 7 principles to create and maintain successful, workable relationships through effective conflict resolution.  It provides you with the tools to resolve or mediate difficult conversations and conflict situations whatever the situation or context and help other people do the same to transform professional and personal relationships permanently. Crucially, it allows you to achieve results without the need to go to court or litigation even when conflict has escalated or is entrenched. 

 The 7 principles to effective conflict resolution will enable you to understand, discuss and resolve problematic situations whether as an individual or organisation.

There are many reasons for conflict, but here in the English speaking world, our language itself is often an issue too. In English so much can be misconstrued, misunderstood, and misinterpreted. Naturally this can often yield a bumper pay packet for the lawyers involved, if in it is unhelpful for the rest of us. There are several examples where business partners, previously friends, have come to expensive fallings out, which have ended up in court, with lawyers involved, legal fees incurred on both sides, and neither party completely satisfied with the proposed solution. It can always be hard to predict how things will turn out, and feelings change over time. But everything and anything you can do to potentially head off such acrimonious, and often mutually self destructing outcomes is time well spent.

This book aims to address these types of problems. It will not solve or avoid every issue, but it is a helpful and smart book to read to at least consider and be aware of the various things that can go awry. Overall if you spend the time with potential business partners, and/or friends who you are thinking of working with, it may help to save you a lot of trouble later. We’d see it as also not being about looking to have the perfect watertight contract – but do read everything carefully before you sign anything – but rather about taking a little more time to get to know people before deciding if they are the right people to work with. How are they during challenging times? How do they respond to problems? Well, badly, with lots of blame or creative problem solving? A good attitude and approach will create trust and the ability to get through many difficult times ahead. This book could at least provide some helpful pointers along the way.

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