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One of the most significant concerns of parents around the world is the fear of losing a child, every day children disappear, whether by kidnapping, escape or merely getting lost without being able to find their way back home. Faced with this scenario, it is challenging for parents to feel at ease when they are not with their children.

“Technology has become an excellent ally in this cause, providing very discreet and efficient GPS trackers so parents can follow all the steps of your kids. These crawlers are specially designed to keep pace with children and give a sense of security for their parents.” – Ritely

And to help you choose the best GPS model for your child, we have listed the 6 best models available on the market. In this list, we will look at factors such as main tracker functions, battery life, location and range capabilities, reliability and the characteristics and activities of each child.


We started our list with Spyzie, Spyzie is actually a mobile app, it works both as a crawler and as a virtual spy, it is more suitable for children and adolescents who already use cell phones and have access to the internet, as it allows parents remote access and full control over everything that goes on the device.

With Spyzie you have access to the exact location, through the GPS tracking system, and to the history of calls, messages, the internet and everything that happens in the phone. In addition, you can block contacts that you consider dangerous and restrict access to web pages. All this is in a very discreet way, without your child knowing that it is being monitored.

Another advantage of Spyzie is that because it is an application and not a physical crawler, it cannot be detected in extreme situations such as in a hijack, in this case, the hijacker will have the false impression of not being monitored since the application does not know it can be located.


This device differs from the others because it is developed primarily for children with special needs, who run the risk of distancing easily from home or school.

The AngelSense tracking system updates location information every 10 seconds, allowing parents to have real-time control of their children’s location and the device sends parents an alert every time the child stays in the same place for more than five minutes.

Another feature of AngelSanse is the ability to create a group of people to receive updates and alerts on their cell phones, enabling them to register to parents, teachers, caregivers and so on.

The device is tiny and discreet and can be attached to the child’s pocket or the belt. Very practical.

In addition to knowing the exact location your child is in, you can hear what happens next to your child and set a maximum radius where she can go, issuing an alert every time she goes beyond that limit.


The tracker is a very small and discreet GPS tracking device, and it is easily attached to pockets and belts. The tracker’s location tracking system is via the 3G connection; it sends real-time updates to the cell phones registered.

The significant differential of this device is the speed alert, every time your child starts to move very fast or exceed the speed limit of the road a warning is issued, so you know if your child is walking or doing some carriage, ride, or public transportation. You can set up safe and unsafe areas and be notified every time your child goes to a dangerous location.

This device has an increased reality feature so you can have a very comprehensive picture of your child’s location with real images of your location.


Amber Alert is a GPS tracking device compatible with both Android and iOS systems. It allows the configuration to make calls to two different numbers, has an emergency button and has the Learning Mode system, which prevents the device from receiving calls during the class schedule.

The device updates the location data in real time and features a highly durable battery, running for up to 40 uninterrupted hours.

The great differential of this device is the registration of sex offenders and people who are at risk in the community; the device alerts the parents whenever the child is less than 500 feet away from the home of a sex offender.

The Amber Alert device has a backup system, allowing you to access all activities recorded within a 90-day interval.


The Tinitell is a multifunctional GPS tracking device, its sleek, minimalist design fits comfortably and can be used as a watch, bracelet, necklace, cell phone or simply as a tracking device. This device allows the storage of contacts, it is possible to register up to 12 numbers of telephones and works perfectly like a cellphone, being necessary to press only a button to make the calls.

Tinitell sends real-time location updates to parents and has a battery that can last for more than a week without recharging. Also, the Tinitell is waterproof and radiation resistant.


Kindsport is a GPS tracking device compatible with Android and iOS.

In wristband format, this device allows parents to set up a safe area for circulation and sends updates every five minutes. Kindsport has an emergency button that sends the alert to the cell phone registered with the child’s location.

The great thing about this device is its simplicity and practicality, the Kindsport has three unique warning signs, one when the child activates the SOS button, another when the child goes beyond the safety zone registered by the parents and the last when the child tries to remove the bracelet (worth remembering that the bracelet is difficult to remove).

The Kindsport is waterproof and stores activity logs.

These are the main GPS tracking devices on the market today. It is important to highlight that each one has a unique character and it is necessary to assess the specific needs of each child and take into account that the safety of the children and the tranquility of the parents comes first place.

Author Bio:

Katherine Ripey is a North Carolina-based freelance writer and work-from-home mother of two. Check her work at Ritely. In her 10 years as a professional writer, she’s worked in proposal management, grant writing, and content creation. Personally, she’s passionate about teaching her family how to stay safe, secure and action-ready in the event of a disaster or emergency.

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