Tesla are well known as an automaker that specializes in electric cars, and they have helped put them in the spotlight. They announced in 2015 that they are  producing 104,000 cars a year and by 2018 they will be producing 500,000 vehicles a year as they move to new markets such as Ireland.

Tesla’s 100 kilowatt-hour battery pack allows for not only faster acceleration but will also extend the range for how long a car can drive on a single charge to up to 300 miles.

To achieve their goal of producing 500,000 electric vehicles annually starting in 2018, they would need the production of lithium ion batteries to increase by 35x. To achieve this they are building the largest building and factory in the world.

Battery monitoring experts Dickson Data have created the infographic below which shows Tesla’s relationship with batteries and their advancements in automotive technology and performance.




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