Galway based web design company Western Webs is launching a micro-donation system which they hope will challenge the current SMS based donation systems.

The system known as TENDO allows the public to ‘donate in kind’. For example, a donation of a bottle of water equates to a donation of €1 for the chosen charity.

App creator Alan Coyne said “TENDO will allow charities bypass charges which are typically levied on donations made by text, such as fees charges by telecom operators and regulators, which can top 30% of the donation amount.”

TENDO uses Stripe for credit card processing and all payments will be made through Stripe accounts. The App allows people to pledge selected menu items as donations and later process all with one Stripe transaction.

Mr Coyne said that having Stripe on board has been a major boost for the App, and could potentially help it break into the international market.

Coyne added, “from a charity perspective, TENDO encourages regular giving, whereas SMS donations tend to be a one off impulse donation.”

Consumer items of any value can be added to the donor menu, with products like a bottle of water, burger, pizza viewed as popular items. Charities will also have the opportunity to customise their TENDO listing with their own recommended consumer items.

Western Webs previously launched the online fundraising website iDonate, which now supports over 900 non-profits with a free fundraising service.

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