Having been on Twitter since June 2011, I have learned a lot along the way. Real experience by doing, is the best way to learn! Including in real life. I have made some mistakes along the way of course. So I have put together the top ten things I wish I knew when I started out.

  1. You don’t have to read every single tweet on your timeline.
  2. You can be more relaxed on Twitter. Authenticity is key. When you are honest and real, people warm to you and I find that twitter users especially have a lot of empathy and compassion.
  3. There are eejits out there who just want to say hurtful things to get a response from you. They are called Trolls. Just block and ignore.
  4. You can change your twitter handle to a name more like your brand or business. It doesn’t have to be sam12345 if all the Sam names are gone.
  5. People want discounts and special offers. Not necessarily Freebies.
  6. People buy from people. So engage and interact. People are more likely to buy from a small business owner who they have engaged with on Twitter.
  7. Twitter followers want good content so share your knowledge.
  8. You can schedule tweets using Tweetdeck, Buffer etc if you are short on time.
  9. It’s ok to join in conversations. Hashtag chats like #irishbizparty #Britishbizparty #Winwomaninbiz are very welcoming and they encourage participation.
  10. A retweet can make someone feel great! If you see someone needs a helping hand, retweet them. You will be remembered for it.

Samantha is passionate about assisting others to get on and use Twitter. She regularly runs Twitter workshops around the country to help people achieve this. The next workshop will be held in Dublin and booking details can be found here

To find out more about the Tweeting Goddess and the various services she offers, visit http://tweetinggoddess.com/  or email [email protected]

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