Guest post by Niamh Bushnell, the Dublin Commissioner for Startups, on TechIreland   an all-Ireland project initiated by the Office of the Dublin Commissioner for Startups.NIAMH BUSHNELLToday we’re thrilled to announce the release, in beta, of, the first ever database of innovative companies in Ireland. Company by company, sector by sector, TechIreland tells a compelling story of Irish technology to a global audience of investors, media, partners and customers.

The data you’ll find on TechIreland today is just the starting point. We’ve primed the pump with profiles of over 500 of our best startups and we’ll keep on pumping, here in Dublin and across the country. We’re launching in beta now because we need your help and feedback on the data and the platform. By official launch date in early October TechIreland aims to have the most accurate and impressive set of data about innovation companies in Ireland.

The TechIreland platform is over a year in the making. Startup Nation Central in Tel Aviv inspired us to take it on, startup communities across Ireland encouraged us to move it forward, and Pivotal Labs brought it to fruition when they agreed to build TechIreland on a pro bono basis.

TechIreland showcases Ireland’s innovation companies to the world. It also profiles tech multinationals and  startup hubs across the country, and investors in Irish companies from around the world. From every angle, there are impressive stories to tell and there’ll be more and more of them over time.

With TechIreland we’ll track our companies as they progress, and learn what’s strong and what’s missing from the ecosystem. We’ll expose our companies to global business opportunities and share the data with international platforms like AngelList and Crunchbase too. Through TechIreland, Irish innovation will be fully and publicly available for the very first time.

This is a hugely ambitious project and we’re just at the beginning of it. Special thanks to the early stage believers, most particularly our sponsors and our advisors. Irish startups, you’ve got it, now flaunt it. TechIreland is the place.

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