By @SimonCocking great to catch up with Thomas Power who will be keynoting at our event in Dublin on October 26th, #Fintech20Ireland

What is your background briefly?

I have been a cutting-edge board member for a long time. I am deeply connected in Silicon Valley, NYC, London, Australia, New Zealand with almost 200,000 Twitter followers since March 2007 when I joined. I have also raised over $100m since 1980. I have focused
on AI BigData Bitcoin Blockchain Crypto Ethereum FinTech ICO SaaS SocialMedia Tokenomics … all very geeky and very Social too.

Does it seem like a logical background to what you do now?

Yes. I’ve built a career for 37 years since 1980 by being at the cutting edge of patterns, shapes, trends and memes and this will continue to my dying day networking with the leaders worldwide. The edge is what keeps me alive and kicking, progressing and growing. The edge is where the knowledge lies and humans grow. The world now operates at warp speed no-one can keep up with and thus the edge is the last place of survival. The onslaught of technology will wipe out most (75%) current companies by 2027. I intend to be a survivor not a victim of the tech invasion. Tech is a species not just a machine.

Could you give us a 1 minute pitch for what you are doing now?

I am a board member for 9 Spokes New Zealand, which recommends the best business applications for small businesses and integrates them into a smart dashboard, revealing key information on how their business is performing.

How have the last 12 months been for you / your company?

We have had solid progress, see more about the company here.

How do soon will we soon blockchain solutions being widely used? Are we beyond the hype period, into the valley of disillusion or about to reach a flowering of effective secure cryptocurrency innovations?

About 15 years after 2008 so in 2023. So no we are still in the hype phase and have another financial crash like 2007-2009 to pass through first 2020-2022 during which Blockchain will reveal its power and scale 2023 onwards. Most markets require 15 years to appear. Warren Buffett waits for assets to be 15 years old before investing. Blockchain is no different. Begun in 2008 I expect to see Blockchain at mainstream scale 2023 reaching full maturity circa 2030.

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