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Myspace was very much an American success when it was in full stride, it never really took off in Europe anywhere near the same scale as it did in America however it was muscled out of the way with the arrival of Facebook. Users abandoned Myspace and the site very quickly and suddenly started to die off.

Myspace was reinvented and redesigned to try and entice users back onto the website and give it a renewed appeal to a large audience however most people now have their feet rooted firmly in Facebook and it is going to take something special to break the grip that the social media giant holds on the market.

Despite the surge in dominance, Myspace continues to live on. In fact, it is pulling in 50.6 million visitors every month which is not bad for a service that is meant to be dead and buried by now. So why are people coming back each month? According to The Wall Street Journal, ‘Throwback Thursday’ posts on Facebook and Instagram is the key to the Myspace survival so far.

#TBT started in America and is now a popular global trend, every Thursday users post old photos of themselves onto social networks. Myspace sees a surge in traffic each Thursday with people looking to retrieve photos which they may have posted to the website all the way back in the early to mid 2000s.

It’s not all #tbt pictures. In November, the website accrued more than 300 million video views, It has also managed to muster a sizable audience of young adults between the ages of 17 and 25, according to the Journal. Of course these numbers are a pin drop in the ocean when compared to the bigger competitors however clearly Myspace is still playing some kind of role in the industry, even if that role largely is as a feeder for #TBT.

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