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I love networking and learning from the best in the industry.  So it only made sense to go to the first of this years 3XE Digitals.  I have only recently started attending these events (this is my third – all in a row.)

I like to get the information first hand and be able to question it from the person delivering it, so it’s a must more than anything else for me.  I won’t expand on the organisation of the event any more than to confirm, it was smooth and well organised and frankly worth the money.

The event hones in on various fields of interest from SEO, Apps and Mobile to Inbound and Social Media Marketing.  I obviously have a preference but ignorance isn’t an excuse, so I endeavoured to devour the content that is usually out of my remit.  I will admit that some of it was a little jargonised and targeted at others in the audience but I feel I have learnt more than I didn’t from it!

I got there nice and early and networked with some other companies and enjoyed the breakfast and tea and assumed a seat at the front as soon as possible.

Takeaways from the Day

Paul Carton explained to us that as we are always connected with brands these days, we have a certain expectation from them now.  We need to be consistent in our message online, even as a small business.

A huge amount of money is spent online in Ireland and 60% of what is spent leaves Ireland at this time.  We need to be able to provide what people are looking for in Ireland and keep the money within.

I found this interesting though!  We now need to engage our audience in the briefest of time.

I dread to think what the measurements would be for 2017….

Paul went on to explain that as the consumer, we can now track many of our purchases online, we all want to be more immersed in the whole buying process.  As we (the consumer) give so much away in our sign ups we expect brands to understand our needs much better and feel frustrated when we don’t get the connectivity we expect.

Processes for buying needs to be shortened and easier and responsiveness from brands needs to be improved.  We also need to punchier in our promotion, we don’t get the buyers attention for very long!


I have to say I was very impressed with the next speaker Lexi Mills, I found her very engaging and detailed.

She was saying that Google has now learnt to interprete consumers searches to such a point that now they are being delivered content that they didn’t necessarily ask for but still find useful.

Here’s an example:

Lexi Mills Talk 3XE Target

But this slide was the one that resonated most with me in her talk:

echo chamber Lexi Mills 3XE

I find myself wholeheartedly agreeing with this as well, strangely enough 🙂

Now to the nitty gritty – her talk then went on to explain that searches can be interpreted in different ways also.

When trying to reach your audience, sometimes adding the right search term, for example: a creative childs pen was marketed as a 3D pen to reach a wider target audience.  It really is a childs toy but using the term 3D it was more descriptive, better targeted and cheaper to pay for promotion.  Using terms as a “childs toy” would have cost more.

She encouraged everyone in the audience to look beyond page 1 in a Google search.  There is content well worth checking out,  that is not scored as highly as the paid and professional posts in the 1st page.  This too will too will affect the results of your searches in the Google algorithm.

I was impressed with Lexi and I am following her now.


Another speaker who whet my appetite on this day was Karen McHugh.  Excellent presentation from her.  I found her extremely chilled and paced, well in control of the crowd and surroundings.

Her talk was on “Unlocking the Relationship between Social Media and Business Success”.  Kinda does-what-it-says-on-tin type of talk I must say.

With emphasis on statistics showing the range of use in Ireland on social and explaining how relevancy and recency has an impact on social.  Paid Ads are the way and “Dark Posts” being good forms of promotion too.

Here's the percent of the Irish population on social media. #3XEDigital

Posted by Comit on Thursday, February 9, 2017

Takeaway from Karen

Timelines and tracking the success of your social really is a must these days and if you are going to be a success with your social you have to measure.


The most fun I had all day was listening to David Nihill.  My goodness this man was funny.  He is of course absolutely right.  Injecting a little humour into what can be quite dry content is more enjoyable for you and your consumer.  Not one stage did he suggest you do it all the time but these days you need to find ways to stand out and what he proposed made an awful lot of sense.

As laughter also raises the good feeling factor in the person who is listening/reading it also injects a certain attentiveness in the participant.  They want to feel more happy so want to further read/listen:

Thanks for the great time @davidnihill, we loved your talk at the @3xedigital 😍#digitalmarketing #3xedigital

Posted by Irish Beauty Blog Awards on Thursday, February 9, 2017

He certainly made an impact in the room, I am very surprised I hadn’t heard of him before…


I attended the Greg Fry workshop this time entitled “Social Media Tactics that get the Right Attention”.  In this workshop we were split up into groups and went through “live-streaming” on various platforms.

I have never live-streamed on Instagram before – and my group had this platform to try out.  I guess finally being motivated to use it was good for me.  It was simple and easy to do and everyone in the team thought so to.

He listed some mobile video apps that might be worth looking at for your business:

  • Quik
  • iMovie
  • Power Director
  • Magisto Video Editor and Movie Maker
  • FilmoraGo
  • ReelDirector
  • Boomerang
  • Shotclip
  • Hyperlapse
  • Animoto
  • Youtube

As long as you have a proper strategy for live-streaming in your planning / execution and have a call to action – then all you need is confidence to do it!


Greg Fry came up again in the afternoon on the Main Stage telling the over 400 attendees why Live Stream really is a best method to reach your audience and develop a relationship with them.

There are the free apps such as Facebook Live, Periscope/Twitter Live, Youtube Live and Instagram and then onto the likes of and Obsproject to explore.

Nice little takeaway he mentioned is you can now add someone as a “Live Contributor” in page roles on your Facebook Page.  Have a look and see if you have that option on your page.  Might be handy for a speaker at your event that you want to authorise from your page.


Overall I felt that the event was extremely useful and with these takeaways I feel I can inject fresh motivation into my work.  I will certainly be sharing this information with my clients over the come weeks and months.

There are two more events coming up this year from 3XE Digital.  Further details can be found here.

Content, Inbound & Social Media Marketing

May 17th, 2017

Search & Social Media Marketing

October 19th, 2017

I am attending events all the time to keep my knowledge up to speed.  I am off to the Dublin Tech Summit for the next 2 days from today!  I hope to see some of you there…

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