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Event hosted by Indiebio , @indbio, this Friday, March 27th 

Life adapts, and so must biotechnology. Synthetic Biology promises us an even faster pace of development, but how do we make sense of possibilities of this technology, and their impacts? Where do we focus our efforts and attention?

The Synbio Future conference brings together representatives of the Academic, Industrial, Investment and Citizen Science communities to share their perspectives on the present and future of biodesign and bioengineering.

Our speakers represent every angle of Synthetic Biology, from citizen science to commerce and from investment to regulation. Here’s a peek at some of our speakers:

  • Bill Liao, founder of IndieBio and partner at SOSventures
  • Sarah Choukah, entrepreneur of SynbioAxlr8r 2014 and CEO of Hyasynth
  • Miriam Alistar, developer of Digital Micro-Fluidic Biochip (DMFB) Electrowetting platforms
  • Tito Jankowski, cofounder of BioCurious and co-creator of OpenPCR
  • Sean Ward, cofounder/CTO of Synthace and co-creator of the Antha lab automation language
  • Thomas Landrain, founder of La Paillasse and globetrotting citizen science advocate
  • Bernadette Murray, Inspector with the Irish Environmental Protection Agency
  • Sean O’Sullivan, serial entrepreneur and venture partner at (the epinymous) SOSventures

No matter what level your involvement with Synthetic Biology may be, Synbio Future will give you an insight you won’t find elsewhere: book a seat and get Future-proof!

Bill Liao’s talk at last year’s event.




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