Latest update from Josh Case, founder.

Hey! Hope you guys have been doing good! We have been really busy working on a lot of exciting things we will be releasing soon!

As most of you guys know we are rebranding to “Switch” on February 25th! We will launch a brand new site, as well as publicly release our API and Scan&Go! We are really excited about these products, and can’t wait for them to be out. Next week we will also be announce some brand new products and features we will be releasing on Switch (we’re really excited about these), as well as show official images of the new Switch website and more!

SwitchDex will be released March 4th!

We are excited to announce that we will be releasing our decentralized exchange on March 4th! We have a small info website up now that gives some information about the DEX. I’ll cover most of the information here.

We want to have the most competitive trading fees and the best trading environment on SwitchDex. We want to be really “pro trader” and provide traders the tools and features they need to be successful. After our first release we will constantly be adding new features, and improving the overall experience of trading on a dex.

There will be no fees to list a token on SwithDex, no restrictions on max limits or jurisdictions, and of course no user information will be collected.

  • SwitchDex will charge a .2% taker fee. Deposits, withdraws, placing an order, & canceling orders are free!

* SwitchDex will offer a one time flat fee amount for fee free trading for life! For the entire month of March (after we launch), any user can pay $10 and lock in fee free trading on an address forever! This fee will increase monthly and will top out at $100 in December 2019.

100% of all fees collected by SwitchDex (trading fees +flat fees) will be airdropped to ESH and SDEX holders.

50% will be airdropped to ESH holders.
50% will be airdropped to SDEX holders.

**********SDEX TOKEN INFORMATION**********

SDEX Contract: 

 0x77678CFD0f2B55152aDC6599DB9F988AB28D72F2Ticker : SDEX
Decimals: 18

200 SwitchDex (SDEX) max supply
100 SwitchDex (SDEX) sold in private round. SOLD OUT IN A COUPLE DAYS!
50 SwitchDex (SDEX) allocated for marketing, advisers, partnerships, team, site maintenance/updates etc.
50 SwitchDex (SDEX) allocated for future expenses, team, etc and will have an 18 month lock up period!.

Each SDEX token represents .25% of the gross fees collected by SwitchDex. Each month, 50% of all fees collected by SwitchDex will be airdropped to SDEX holders according to the % of the supply they own.

We can’t wait til you guys are able to try this out March 4th! ESH and SDEX tokens will be listed for trading then! As always, if you guys have any questions feel free to reach out on Telegram! Next update February 14th and next ESH airdrop is February 28th! Have a great week!

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