The global movement of coworking has arrived in Galway through SuperPixel Labs, a purpose built space which opened at the start of February.

A Global Coworking Survey conducted by Deskmag and states in the last twelve months the number of spaces has grown by 36%, putting total worldwide figure at around 7,800.

This growth in coworking demonstrates that given the choice, people will choose workspaces that support their digital style while giving them access to new knowledge, exposing them to different kinds of expertise, and accelerating their learning.

On a local level, SuperPixel Labs has seen a demand for this mode of working. “Since opening our doors, the demand for space has been overwhelming” stated CEO of SuperPixel Labs Barry Duffy. “We have already filled half our desks in 3 weeks, with a mix of business sectors and company sizes”.


Coworking in itself aims to create a culture where it is the norm to help each other out. “Given the variety of our members backgrounds means they each bring to the table unique skill sets to other community members” commented Duffy.

Tara Dalrymple, Community Manager of SuperPixel Labs added, “by attending regular events and maintaining ties with other companies, SuperPixel Labs provides a sounding board, clients and strategic partnership opportunities for our members”.

Labs appeals to those looking for an innovative office space and the urban experience. “We provide far more than just a desk and internet access – the space is used for collaboration, networking and support, a space where we bring together a community of like-minded freelancers, entrepreneurs, startups, software developers, graduate students, social entrepreneurs, career coaches, writers and web/graphic designers into the same space” concluded Dalrymple.

SuperPixel Labs will be furthering their work with the local startup community, by hosting the food and technology focussed Galway Startup Weekend 8-10th April.

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