Grafton Street shoppers are being urged to put on their thinking caps this Saturday to mark the launch of Maths Week Ireland.

Math Quest is a treasure hunt using sums and is designed to engage the general public during the ‘Maths in the City’ launch of Maths Week Ireland 2017 in Dublin on Saturday, October 14.

Six different maths problems will be posed using a unique learning resource called Izak9 which consists of cubes with different colours, numbers and shapes.

The displays will be placed in the windows of six prominent premises along Grafton Street and people of all ages are encouraged to join in the fun with numbers.

One number cruncher who makes all six answers add up will take away a prize of €500.
Organiser and former maths teacher Franz Schlindwein, the creator of Izak9, explains how Math Quest – in partnership with Maths Week Ireland – works.

“Each display will showcase instructions on how to participate in the Quest as well as a question pertaining to the cubes displayed in that window. Participants are tasked to find each cube, work out each answer and then compile them to solve the overall puzzle.

“Questions are pitched at a level to accommodate adults and children alike as the Quest is designed to be fun and engaging for people of all ages.

“The competition will be open when shops do first thing in the morning with last entries being accepted at 3pm. The winner will then be randomly selected from the correct entries.”

Entries to Math Quest are to be submitted at the large Izak9 display, which will be located at the junction of Grafton Street and South King Street, opposite the entrance to St. Stephen’s Green.

Mr Schlindwein added: “We are delighted to partner with Maths Week Ireland to deliver this fun and interactive event and a host of other initiatives throughout the island of Ireland between October 14th and 22nd.

For a full list of Izak9 events throughout the island of Ireland during Maths Week log on to

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