With smartphones becoming more and more important in our everyday lives (some say more important than TV) we need to be able to access files that may not necessarily be stored on our devices. Two of the most popular applications for this are Dropbox and SugarSync which are available for Android, BlackBerry and iOS devices.


Basically these are web based file hosting services that allow you to remotely access files (docs, video, pics and music) you’ve stored on their servers or on another computer, essentially cloud computing (now you know). Both services have free and premium offerings but to start with you should try the free services first to see what suits you best. Dropbox comes with 2GB’s free storage (upgradable for a fee to 50 or 100GB’s) and Sugarsync comes with 5GB’s free (upgradable for a fee to 30, 60 100 or 250GB’s)


Dropbox uses a single folder on your computer where you deposit files/folders into and which is then synced with their servers and any other computer you choose to sync the folder with. So basically you can have all your data accessible from wherever you are. Sugarsync is very similar except you can choose to add any folder to it to sync across various computers and you can then access these folders from any computer/supported smartphone.


I find these apps incredibly handy as it’s not possible for me to carry all my files around with me. When someone needs information on a particular subject and I’m out and about away from the office I can quickly access the files from my smartphone and give them the relevant information. I’ve both apps running on my PC, BlackBerry and iPod Touch and I have to say I prefer Sugarsync as it offers more flexibility then Dropbox.


The free version also comes with two and half times more storage space but I pay for the premium 30GB version.  We’ll also soon see Apple launch iCloud to compete with these services (coming in iOS 5) so time to start getting into the cloud!

Try them out for yourself below and let us know your favourite. Or have you any other recommendations? Let us know in the comments section below or on twitter @Irish_technews



Sugarsync: https://www.sugarsync.com/downloads/


Dropbox: http://www.dropbox.com/anywhere





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