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On Monday the 23rd of January at Galvanize San Francisco and Tuesday the 24th of January at the Garden Court Hotel Palo Alto I attended the Northern Ireland Tech Mission 2017 Demo events organised by Invest Northern Ireland and Connect at Catalyst Inc. The purpose of the San Francisco Tech Mission is to give Northern Irish companies the opportunity to network with leading companies, investors and venture capitalists from Silicon Valley.

The companies were successfully chosen after a series of interviews. The host for the two events was Brian Glynn VP Trade Development Invest Northern Ireland.

Tip on scaling technology companies from Northern Ireland into the US, Brian Glynn Invest Northern Ireland

Brian did an excellent job. 11 companies pitched over the two days. Flyte was the first company to pitch.

(People labelled from right to left)Gavin Shields of Piggypot right pitching about his Piggypot app joined on the podium by event host Brian Glynn Invest Northern Ireland and Silicon Valley panellists Tom Williams Strategic Advisor and Steve Bernardez Onset Ventures

 Matt Bradley CEO of Flyte has developed a dedicated flight planning software solution for drone pilots. Flyte includes high resolution mapping, excellent collaboration tools, efficient flight logging and industry-leading airspace software. Flyte can reduce time for commercial drone pilots to register flights from 24 hours to 5 minutes. Insurance companies can save up to $100m and users can subscribe for just £33 a month.

Greg Maguire CEO of Humain pitched next. Humain can produce 3D animation characters used by games developers and film producers. It costs $1500 to buy an animation character and this comes with a body component and facial component database.  $1500 is much cheaper than similar services available. This really cool technology has raised $600000 almost closing out its current round of funding of $750000.

A lot of accidents happen on construction sites today because reversible video footage is impaired. This will all change with Knight Visions “Clearvue” technology. Jonathan Knight of Knight Vision Technologies has developed “Clearvue” a self-cleaning reversing smart camera that can detect all video footage when reversing and can efficiently manage its data using the cloud. Knight vision will save thousands of lives a year.

Jumpack is the world’s first truly portable ramp for extreme sports changing the way we see our environment. This ramp was designed by a team of skateboarders and BMX riders and can be carried as a bag pack. Jumpack’s shock absorption system can absorb the impact as you hit the ramp ensuring the ramp sticks to the ground. Phil McIntosh was delighted to announce that Jumpack is currently being launched via Kickstarter and has a potential 32M customer market.

The final pitch of day one was by Mark Fletcher of Cardinal Analytics. Cardinal’s CARI software predicts when a bond is going to default, which is more accurate than traditional models being used today. CARI has 98% predictive accuracy. The credit risk analytics market is currently worth $5B and CARI can be used potentially by 3500 customers. Cardinal Analytics currently has 5 customers on trial.

Day 2 SureCert Analytics were first up. SureCert have developed an online platform that is a unique, frictionless system that enables recruiters and agencies to verify qualifications, memberships and references from formal sources, instantly. Ian Savage CEO of SureCert is primarily focusing on the nursing industry to launch SureCert as there is a lack of coherent data thus affecting hiring decisions. Sure Cert has attracted investment from a local University.

The accuracy of US city property valuations is poor. Spatialest is the only home appraisal you will ever need. CEO Ashley Moore and his team are able to use comparable sales information, property characteristics and location to provide accurate estimates of value. Investors will be pleased to see that this company is already profitable. Home owners in the US should consider Spatialest when considering home appraisal.

Audit Comply aims to mitigate risk, drive compliance and improve quality. Its software can create checklists, inspections, questionnaires and audits. It usually takes 4-5 days to complete an Audit. Audit Comply can do this in a day.  Kevin Donaghy claims that Audit Comply can customize its services to suit company documentation protocols. If you are looking to improve your business processes within the workplace check out Audit Comply.

Doug Ridge of Amphion spoke about how Amphions video codec silicon IP cores will enable the next generation of Ultra HD in phones and tablets providing and customizing solutions for SoC and FPGA technologies to the needs of end applications. The Amphion Semiconductor engineering team recently worked within Entropic Communications Inc. on STB SOC’s.

Joe Devlin a recently graduated PhD student at Queens University Belfast and fellow classmates set up Point Energy. A hardware technology that has already helped a manufacturer reduce its energy bill by 37%. By attaching their hardware to manufacturing equipment Point Energy can collect real time data and identify where electricity is being used preserving energy and reducing operational costs. Point Energy can unlock more savings than anyone else in the market.

Gavin Shields of PGY group Piggypot were last to pitch. Piggypot helps people save money helping them pay for things that they need or would like to have like health insurance or an iphone. One can pick how much they want to save per week or month. Discounts are available with certain retailers. You can buy your saving goal via Piggypot and make your dreams become reality. Piggypot have launched their service with the apple app store in the UK and aim to launch their product in the US too.

 This Event was brilliantly organised by the Invest Northern Ireland and Connect at Catalyst Inc teams. It’s fantastic to see entrepreneurs from Northern Ireland pitching amongst the Silicon Valley investors and venture capitalists. Regardless of the progress these companies make in the future each company should acknowledge the progress they have made so far.

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