Multi Digital Services (resident of the Skolkovo Foundation’s IT Cluster) demonstrated a platform allowing virtual operators to provide their subscribers with LTE quality communications and local rates in 100+ countries of the world at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

The first commercial launch will be carried out by the European virtual operator CountryCom as early as this spring. Its subscribers will be able to obtain high quality mobile communications services not only in their home region but all over the world.
The innovative solution developed by Multi Digital Services includes “over-the-air” mobile profile downloading, convenient interfaces for purchasing mobile services packages and Global Mobile Data Exchange for accessing services rendered by dozens of cellular mobile operators worldwide.

Any operator who has installed the Multi Digital Services platform will be able to sell its services to other exchange participants. For example, subscribers of an Asian participant, when coming to Europe, are automatically switched on to a European participant’s network without changing their SIM card and domestic number.
Thus, the subscribers are given an option either to use the customary expensive roaming during their trips or to buy services via Multi Digital Services platform with a single click. Direct connection to the provider who is the exchange participant allows for obtaining LTE quality and local rates (not exceeding 10 Euro per 1 GB) in more than 100 countries worldwide.

Oleg Pravdin, founder of Multi Digital Services project:
“This solution represents a possibility for relatively small operators to find their clients all over the world and to compete with large operators at equal terms. While the convenient interfaces provided by the platform allow for arranging quick integration with the operator’s billing, personal account and mobile application.”

Dmitry Hodkov, Head of Telecommunications, IT Cluster, Skolkovo Foundation:
“Mobile communications have become living essentials for billions of people worldwide. And the task the operators are facing is to provide these people with the highest quality services at affordable prices anywhere in the world.”

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