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Periscope has released a new update which allows users who do not have a Twitter account to start broadcasting and viewing video on your smartphone. Up to this point it has been a requirement of the service to sign in with a Twitter account however now you can join up without one.

Twitter still recommends you to sign in using a Twitter account so you can use the social graph to easily find new people to follow however new users without a Twitter can sign up using their phone number instead. You can also reply to comments on a broadcast much easier than before and when a viewer is blocked it will show up in the chat. It is also easier to change profile pictures if you wish to do so.

The update has been detailed in a post by the Periscope team on Medium and comes six weeks after the launch of the app. Twitter has yet to detail how much it paid for Periscope following the launch of Meerkat however according to the recent quarterly earnings report, it bought both Periscope and social media talent agency Niche for more than $86 million combined.

In February, Recode reported the Niche deal somewhere around $30 million which puts Periscope in at a cost of around $56 million dollars. Its money well spent considering how Periscope has taken off so far following the buzz that Meerkat created at SXSW.

After being cut off from Twitters social graph, Meerkat has re-shifted its focus onto Facebook and has started looking for ways to strongly integrate with the Facebook service, even reaching out to the Facebook team for help and advice which is presumably also a way of covering themselves from relying on another platform too heavily which was the mistake they made with Twitter.

It is still early days for live streaming, both apps have weaknesses and both are having problems which is to be expected however at the same time both apps are changing how and when we view live content.

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