The blockchain ID management project, Naviaddress, recently announced that it is working on a partnership relation with another top management and Blockchain consulting enterprise, Accum Trillion Capital. This industrial investment fund has been linked to several Blockchain technology projects in China, a place where it has proven to have ample resources and a great significance.

Some of the projects Accum Trillion has supported through investment, include QTUM, VEN, GXS, OMG, PAY and a whole variety of other related works. This way, Naviaddress expects to collaborate with the well-known Blockchain consulting company, delivering combined identifications for any place and object in a broader way.

In fact, the company is very convinced that through the partnership they will be able to expand their horizons in China, accomplishing as well, a successfully assisted identification of potential partners in the region.

Regarding the enlargement vision of the company, the CEO and co-founder of Naviaddress stated:

“We are expanding our community and network of partners to Asia. It is highly important for faster development and global adoption of our address platform. We are confident that Accum Trillion Capital will assist Naviaddress to identify business potential and long-term partners in China for further localization and adoption of the platform in mainland China”

It all seems like the company’s predictions are becoming a reality, a month ago now the Naviaddress addressing system gained an amount of around 1.5 million new naviaddresses, 1.3 out of which are business ones. The same way, a total number of 60,000 users registered in their app on the Operative Systems iOS and Android, as well as on the website of the company directly.

Moreover, the company released the Beta version of the platform based on Blockchain on March 2, 2018, and the receiving was a total success.

At the exact time, the company decided to work on fruitful relations with some of the hugest address holders in delivery, e-retail and HoReCa, like for instance and Dynamic Parcel Distribution; the same way as some alliances were developed in the field of State Postal services, ambitioning to partner with companies like AliExpress, Amazon, and NinjaVan.
The intention behind these strategic partnerships is only one, the possibility of providing addresses through the platform of the company in a substantial way.

In a greater scale, the company still have a lot of opportunities to partner and cooperate with the major players in the region, like e-retail, urban planning, hospitality, and transportation enterprises. This, as only 55 percent of the NavyTokens has been sold ‘till now, and of course, the ambitious goal of raising the amount of $20 million during ICO.

To sum up, once the addressing platform is developed and launched on the Blockchain, Naviaddress will be able to provide over 4 billion people around the world to access and distribute postal delivery navyaddresses. This, with the almost free transaction verification on Blockchain.

At the same time, this will collaborate with the governments in the provision of fundamental services for the citizens, as well as, in the creation of new markets for electronic retailers and delivery businesses.

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