This week a dedicated programme to equip young people with STEM skills reached a significant milestone, as over 1,000 students from 34 schools across Ireland have now participated in STEM Skills for Success. A joint initiative between MSD and Junior Achievement Ireland (JAI), the programme consists of a series of specially designed STEM programmes at both primary and secondary level, which are delivered by MSD volunteers using teaching materials developed by JAI.

Students across Cork, Tipperary, Carlow and Dublin are taking part in the initiative, which provides students with practical information and experience on STEM skills and educates them on the range of exciting opportunities a career in STEM offers. The bespoke modules, delivered by volunteers from MSD, enable students to broaden their understanding of the skills necessary to succeed in a STEM-focused workplace, as well as putting these skills into action through hands-on STEM classroom projects. The programme is part of JAI’s wider aim to help young people fulfil their potential by equipping them with the skills they need to succeed in the workplace.

Commenting on the initiative, Ger Brennan, Managing Director of Human Health, MSD said, “The biggest difference we can make is to support and excite the next generation, which we have committed to doing through our partnership with Junior Achievement Ireland. Digital skills are increasingly in demand by employers, and will continue to form a huge part of Ireland’s future economy. At the same time, a career in STEM offers a wealth of exciting opportunities for students, and through these modules we aim to ignite passion and enthusiasm for science amongst young people and inspire them to consider embarking on a career in STEM.”

Ann Butler, Operations Director, Junior Achievement Ireland said, “Junior Achievement Ireland has a longstanding relationship with MSD and is proud to work on the Stem Skills for Success project training and facilitating MSD volunteers to deliver meaningful programmes and workshops in classrooms across five MSD sites in Ireland. JAI looks forward to continuing our work with MSD on this relevant project in the 2016/17 school year.”

Junior Achievement Ireland is part of a worldwide organisation reaching out to 10.5 million young people each year and is helping to create a culture of enterprise within the education system.

As a global leader in healthcare with a strong presence in Ireland, MSD employs approximately 1,800 people across the country. MSD is committed to leading in the implementation of best practice by addressing critical social, environmental and economic challenges both nationally and internationally.

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