After a sold out event last Saturday which saw the team hike up Cruagh and Tibradden, “Startup Hiking” aims to create an inclusive atmosphere for tech networking outside of the traditional pub meetup scene.

The people behind the idea are Andreea Wade, Tracy Keogh and Aisling Hannon. It started with a tweet from Andreea and moved swiftly on from there.

Demand for the event last Saturday was high and it sold out in less than a week with founders, VCs, entrepreneurs and representatives of financial services firms and many more attending.

The girls aim for this to be the beginning of bigger things to come with more events planned in the future. Judging by the demand for this event it’s clear many others are keen to leave the pub meetup scene behind too.

If this is something that interests you (Tech/ Meetups/ Hiking/ Fresh air and Fun!), you can check the team out on Twitter: @startuphiking and keep an eye on their meetup page here for future events.


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