By @SimonCocking. Startup Patterns Bite-sized startup lessons for busy founders. 

Describe the company – the elevator pitch …

For a startup founder, it is essential that he keeps reading and learning on a daily basis. While learning by making mistakes is the most common mantra most people will talk about, sometimes it is more useful to learn from the startup giants like Paul Graham, Steve Blank and Peter Thiel as much as the experiences of other experienced founders. It could prevent you from making decisions that could pivot your startup dream in the direction most of them tend to go – failure. There comes Startup Patterns: Bite-sized startup lessons for busy founders – An app that provides you with a collection of curated and practical lessons from the best books, blogs and talks in a timely manner.

How are you different?

There has been plenty initiatives of products that offer Bite-sized and timely content either through a browser extension or web App, but we went the mobile-first way because we understand that if we offer users the option to take control of their learning experience by deciding when to receive their lessons during the daytime, their experience will be way better than the other web apps or extensions. We want to position ourselves like Google Primer (Marketing-focused) while being focused on startup founders.

On the other hand, the key differentiation factor of our app is that we are going to make it soon an open platform for experienced people involved in the startup scene to submit a lesson in our landing page to be featured in the app.

Why will the company / product do well?

We’re foreseeing a great success for the app as more and more people are entering the startup world without initial background. The N°1 challenge that hits them is the time-split dilemma between accumulating ideas and knowledge and executing on them while being actionable. This is why this product is receiving a huge demand from startup founders who want to consume content in a bite-sized and consistent way that brings the most valuable takeaways from the world’s best references and authors.

Where are you based?

The company is based in New York, USA.

When was the company launched?

The company was launched on Tuesday 27th of September 2016 (1 week ago)

What have been your biggest wins to date?

Our biggest wins until now:

+1030 Upvotes on Product Hunt

+3050 Downloads with +1050 daily active users (After one week launch)

What type of people (market segment) are you trying to attract to your product?

We want to attract mainly the early-stage and mid-stage founders as our target for content consumption, because they are the ones in need for the lessons we provide. Nevertheless, as we are trying to build a whole startup-knowledge sharing eco-system, we also want to create a new channel for startup authors, experts, authors, Investors…to be able to share their key takeaways and lessons with the audience of the App.

What are you long term plans for your product / company?

Our goal for the future is the create the best go-to library of bite-sized knowledge. To be honest, we don’t think at this stage of monetizing the app even though we have options of being part of the Amazon Affiliate program,but we think bigger than that, we want to focus at this stage on growing the community while delivering the best user experience and focusing the high-quality content.delivered to our readers. This is also a a trap most startups fall in, which is to look for shortcuts to monetize their apps since the beginning while dismissing the core elements of the product which is the user and the content. This means, our vision is wilder than a simple App for knowledge, it’s theNext Quora for Startup Founders.


How do people get in touch with you?


Twitter Handle: @PatternsHQ

If you would like to have your company featured in the Irish Tech News Business Showcase, get in contact with us at [email protected] or on Twitter: @SimonCocking

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