By @SimonCocking. Interview with Ingenuity, a new Galway-based marketing powerhouse and our aim is to help Irish business take on the challenge of integrating digital and traditional marketing. Launched March 2016

Since 2014, Insight Strategy, the market research and strategy experts worked closely with Conginuity, the inbound marketing specialists. It was a natural progression to combine this full range of expertise and core skills under one brand for the benefit of all our clients.

Ingenuity now has a team of 10 professionals with extensive international business experience, many of whom have set up and run their own business. With a strong track record in Lead Generation, Business Strategy and Market Research; they now can offer broader expertise to clients while combining traditional and digital marketing expertise in the Irish marketing arena.

At Ingenuity, our approach is to maximum the return on marketing investment for our B2B clients, while focusing on efficient processes to drive digital marketing strategy through quality content and inbound marketing tactics.

We found that there is a real need for Irish business to move towards integrated planning of digital and traditional activities, and only a small percentage are currently achieving this.

We offer a range of marketing services to our clients, with the focus being on 3 main areas:


(1) Market research is not only used to learn, it is also a critical part needed to make good decisions. Market research gives a clear picture of a situation, and when done properly, it will offer alternative choices that can be made based on the findings.

Who and where is your target market?
Who are your main competitors?
How your customers perceive your brand?
Is there an unexplored gap in the market? Where?
What is the price point for your products/services?
What are your Strengths and Weakness;

Knowing the answers to these questions will help you to develop a strategy for your business. If you don’t know the answers, Ingenuity can find them.
Ingenuity can carry out the vital market research you need to make informed business decisions. From there we can build your strategy and also provide the key sales and marketing services you need to achieve your business goals – Inbound Marketing, Outbound Marketing, Social Media Strategy, Digital Market Strategy, Bid and Proposal Preparation.

(2) BUSINESS STRATEGY. Businesses that succeed are the ones that have solid targets and a month-by-month, week-by-week plan on how they are going to get there.

Many Start Ups and SMEs have product expertise, but can lack the strategic expertise to take their business to the next level. This is where Ingenuity comes in. Our team has experience in building business strategies and also in successfully implementing them.

The Ingenuity SWOT Team – Business owners can be so busy with the ongoing management of their business that they don’t get a chance to think about and plan their growth strategy.

The Ingenuity SWOT team can help by conducting a review of the relevant market, competitors and current business practices; based on our findings we will make short term and long term recommendations, to help our client achieve their business goals.

Implementation Management – Ingenuity work with your existing marketing team and partners. We don’t look to come into a business and replace anyone. We provide an external strategic implementation management service which helps ensure the whole team and service providers are working together.

We will help to ensure that all strategic elements of a business are integrated and achieve the maximum results. We measure the effectiveness of the strategy to ensure maximum Return on your Investment.

(3) LEAD GENERATION. At Ingenuity we are experts in Inbound Marketing.

We can make a business grow by helping the business owners to fully understand their target market, the problems that the target market face along the buyers journey when they are looking for a product/service; and how these products can offer the solution that the potential customers are looking for.

By using this information to build an Inbound marketing strategy; the business will start to attract quality organic online sales leads.

How does it work?

We attract niche specific traffic to our client’s company website
We convert that traffic into valuable leads
We gather sales specific information from those leads
We help drive those leads along the sales funnel until they are ready for contact by the sales team
We measure traffic, leads and sales to determine ROI


We love Hubspot!

At Ingenuity, we use Hubspot for our own business development, and as Hubspot partners, we have the expertise and support to help our clients generate quality leads with this super intuitive lead generation software.


PIP Payments
TDS (The Distribution Solution)
Clonakilty Black Pudding
Proactive Pipeline



Unit 28 , Galway Technology Centre

Mervue, Galway Ireland.

Tel 353 91 445999

Email [email protected]

If you would like to have your company featured in the Irish Tech News Business Showcase, get in contact with us at [email protected] or on Twitter: @SimonCocking

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