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Describe the social enterprise – the elevator pitch …

HackAccessDublin is a framework for tackling accessibly challenges in Dublin, based on the hackathon model of innovative problem solving. It’s purpose is to catalyse a mobility revolution that will start in Dublin. Taking place in Google over the weekend of 25-27 November, it’s using the power of Ireland’s tech sector and startup community to tackle the obstacles that exclude people with mobility problems from the city.

How are you different?

A hackathon that already has a big vision to export its format to cities around the world that are struggling to solve the access challenges in their cities. It is dedicated to bringing together engineers and designers as well as technologists from Dublin’s startup community. Not just a hackathon, it wants to play a role in educating and inspiring individuals with a mobility problem to view the challenges they face as entrepreneurial opportunities.

Why will the event do well?

It is a hackathon 100% focused on its vision to use innovation and facilitate collaboration between diverse groups to make an impact on the social problem of exclusion of people with a disability from society. As opposed to many hackathons that are organised as a public relations opportunity rather than a genuine attempt to solve a significant problem. As HackAccessDublin’s vision is big it will happen yearly, each year focusing on different challenges relating to accessibility. It will have an international focus, looking to share its discoveries and solutions across boarders, linking up the world’s cities to tackle access together.

Where are you based?


When was the social enterprise launched?

It is launching on 26th October at our Immersion Evening in Dogpatch Labs. Registration is now open to attend the launch:

What have been your biggest wins to date?

Securing Google as the venue and Nissan, Smart Dublin and Dogpatch Labs as the chief sponsors and partners.

What type of people (market segment) are you trying to attract to your hackathon?

Mechanical engineers, designers and technologists interested in using their skills to tackle access and be part of a mobility movement.

Tell us about your team?

HackAccessDublin was founded by Janice Valentine, she is organising it with the assistance of many advisors from Dublin’s startup community, the support of Dogpatch Labs and Stephen Cluskey, founder of Mobility Mojo’s whose own Challenge Access Ireland endeavour will run in tandem with HackAccessDublin.

What are your long term plans for the event?

Each year to increase the scale of the event, build a team of professionals who will enable this. Export the HackAccessDublin framework to cities like London, and other European cities who struggle with accessibility due to antiquated structures.

Anything else you’d like to add / we should have asked?

If anyone wants to know more about HackAccesDublin please contact @JaniceValentine please visit for more details.

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