By @SimonCocking. Brand H Marketing -> Helping Small Businesses with Branding and Marketing Strategies. Are you a small business or start-up on a limited budget? Are you completely passionate about what you do? If so, we want to work with you. Brand H Marketing was designed with businesses like yours in mind. Let’s talk and see how we can help you stand out.

Describe the company – the elevator pitch:
Brand H Marketing is a boutique branding and marketing company focused on helping small businesses and startups with social media and content strategies.

How are you different?

The fact that BHM is specifically focused on small businesses makes it pretty unique. I really value the relational part of business and also love the innovation and quick decision making that is usually found in smaller organizations and businesses.

Why will the company / product do well?

When I was first throwing around my business idea I talked with A LOT of people. Every single person I spoke with either needed a service like mine or knew at least one friend with a company who needed my services. There will always be small businesses and startups with tight budgets so it’s a great market to be in.

Where are you based?

Seattle area / United States

When was the company launched?

July 1, 2016

What have been your biggest wins to date?

Any time I’m able to help a client cultivate an idea, take a project to completion, or sign a big contract…it’s a win. Brand H Marketing was really born out of a love for helping others.

What type of people (market segment) are you trying to attract to your product?

We’re really focused on small businesses and startups who do not have the funds to hire a full-time content creator or social media manager but understand the need and value of both.

Tell us about your team?

Right now…it’s just me! I have a diverse work experience background as a writer, photographer, marketer, social media manager, business administrator, and project manager. I’ve worked in the building industry, real estate, health/beauty, and customer service – just to name a few.

What are you long term plans for your product / company?

To continue growing and to help my clients be successful.

What are your favourite tech gadgets?

I’m a little obsessed with drones right now. Partly because I’m a photographer and I just love the vantage point they can give you. I’m also still active in the building industry and am fascinated with the possibilities drones give us for helping with labor issues, analyzing damage from natural disasters, and so much more!

How do people get in touch with you?

Email me anytime at [email protected] or connect with me on LinkedIn

If you would like to have your company featured in the Irish Tech News Business Showcase, get in contact with us at [email protected] or on Twitter: @SimonCocking

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