By @SimonCocking. It’s been another good month for great interviews and tech insights. Also nice to be named on three global influencer lists this week (#35 for Data Security, #29 for FinTech and #24 for Blockchain). Thanks for anyone that voted for me (and hopefully they weren’t all by my mother!) As always if you’d like us to feature your business then do drop us a line [email protected] . Thanks again for reading.

Top 5 tips for success in Business, by serial entrepreneur Mary McKenna

Irish Marine Institute launches SmartBay Subsea Observatory, Michael Gillooly explains more

The Hidden Ad Tech Gold Rush for Your Personal Data, by Donal Kerr

Brexit & Fintech, Strategy & Challenges In A Post Brexit World. FinTech Ireland event July 7th

How Data Science is affecting all of our lives for the better

The Silo Effect A Case for Diversity and Silo Busting. Reviewed by Ciara Garvan

The Digital Ocean, BlueTech SeaFest in Galway reviewed by Eileesh Buckley

Coding insights, with the hyper connected Python, gaming and design expert Vicky Lee

Deep sea innovation from Cathx Ocean. Adrian Boyle, founder interviewed

8 Tips on how to Optimize Your Social Media Profiles to drive engagement by Gus Ryan

Life, Fate and Family: The Best Resources for a Startup, by Daniel Coll

Innovation at the National Ploughing Championships, insights from Anna Marie McHugh

The future of blood testing by Justin Lawler. Review of Quantified Self event, Trinity Science Gallery

Wallet or Smartphone: The FinTech in Front of the FinTech by Jaimie Anzelone

Smart listening to social media will really help your business by Gus Ryan

The State of Social Marketing in 2016 from Simply Measured, reviewed by Gus Ryan

Why should my toaster talk to my coffee maker? What you need to know about IoT by Timothy Chou

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