Pixel Charity uses an innovative way to guard against crypto volatility. Using its own Pixel (PXL) stable coin, the project provides crypto community with a fast, stable and reliable payment asset, backed up by fiat money with guaranteed buy back.

It works by receiving money from participants and places them on deposit in the bank. Any interest accrued by the bank on the deposit will be transferred to pre-selected charitable funds. Thus, allowing each user of Pixel network to participate in charity without spending their money. To implement this project, they are preparing to launch a crypto currency Pixel(PXL), which will be received by participants in confirmation of their contribution to the fund and at any time Pixel could be exchanged for money whenever wanted to exit the project at a stable rate. www.pixelcharity.com

How does it work in practical terms?

How Pixel works?

  1. You transfer your desired amount in the US dollars using any available payment option to confirm the participation in this project.
    2. You will receive the equivalent in Pixel (PXL), which will be transferred to your Pixel Wallet at the exchange rate of 1PXL = 1USD.
    3. The money received from you will be placed into the deposit of a bank. The interest accrued by the bank on deposits will be transferred to a charitable foundation with a world wide reputation.
    4. Funds on deposit will stay untouched! Representatives of investors who made a purchase of the tokens and representatives of the charity funds will be able to have a constant control over the state of deposit.
    5. All those who contributed the charity project, at any time can quit and exchange their pixels (PXL) back to US dollars at a fixed rate of 1PXL = 1USD.
    6. Pixels can be transferred from one participant to another participant, as a whole or in parts.
    7. Exchange rate is fixed, a transaction fee of one transaction – only 0.05% from the transaction amount is charged.

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