Spotify, the music streaming service has yesterday posted a message on its company blog indicating that one of its users accounts has been hacked, but also stated that the user data, such as password, financial or payment information was not accessed.

Users have been advised to re-enter their username and password to log back in and users running outdated versions of the app will be guided through an updating process to ensure they’re running the latest version. However, this is only limited to Android users at the moment.

According to Ronan Murphy CEO of IT Security Company “This type of attack, coming so soon after the eBay breach, is yet further proof that companies need to take broad steps to ensure their users’ information is safe. As experts in cyber security we advise first of all, users to regularly change their passwords and secondly, companies to take action and invest in more advanced network security systems.”

With over Spotify 100,000 users in Ireland, the potential risks posed by a hack could be extremely damaging for those customers.

Repeatedly we see evidence that points to the fact that web users in Ireland and indeed globally, are using the same password for multiple web accounts and websites. The massive security weakness in this approach, means that web users are susceptible to attack on their accounts, perhaps in an unsuspecting manner” said Ronan Murphy CEO of

Given the number of users Spotify and eBay have both here in Ireland and across the world, it should serve as a reminder that we can all play out part when it comes to our online and data security. At we would recommend that internet users use these attacks as a lesson for us all to change our passwords between different websites and accounts. This is one of the easiest, cheapest and most effective ways of ensuring that we are protected online from anything arising from the Spotify and the eBay incidents, or any other potential such attacks,” concluded CEO Ronan Murphy.


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