Spotify has finally brought their music streaming service to Ireland. It is now available to download on both Mac and Windows with both free and paid options available.

The two paid options come in at €4.99 and €9.99 per month respectively, offering different levels of available options. At present there is also an offer running to try the paid for service for a month for free, similar to what Netflix offer but there is the option to still go back to a free account after the month is up.

The free option is limited to 20 hours of listening per month so you’ll have to selective enough with what you are listening to but it is a reasonable amount to be included for free, even if it is a worse deal than when Spotify launched first. Being able to play music offline is only available on the most expensive package.


The user interface of App itself is clean and easy to use. It scans you computer for local music and then encourages you to get started by searching for a song and adding it to a newly created playlist. The search function is intuitive and offeres suggestions as you type each letter. Music is quick to load and play and we’ve experienced no issues with it so far.

We’ll update the post once we’ve had a chance to use it more ourselves but it is always great to see more services like this finally making their way to our shores.

Here’s a breakdown of what’s included for each price point:





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