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Eder Holguin @ederman1 Serial Entrepreneur I Digital Sales and Marketing Expert, Best Selling Author

The 1 min pitch, what do you do?

I help companies leverage digital marketing to improve their visibility, create great content to engage their potential clients online and increase sales.

Your background?

I am Serial Entrepreneur, Digital Sales and Marketing Expert and Best Selling Author ( Dreaming of Hope Street and Street Smarts The Business of Life ) with more than 15 years of industry expertise helping companies scale revenue, optimize Sales/Marketing processes and improve productivity. My clients range from brand name Fortune 500 companies to innovative start-ups.

I am the Founder and CEO of Ideal Media, a digital content discovery platform. As a child, I left a frightening home life and lived homeless in the streets of Medellin, Colombia during the time of the Medellin cartel, when violence and drug lords ruled. My story details how I went from living on the streets to becoming a successful Entrepreneur.

I served as Chief Revenue Officer at Sqor, a Digital Sports Marketing Platform involved in the evolution of Sports Marketing, and also as Chief Revenue Officer at Integrate.

Prior to joining Integrate, I founded OnDemand Research, which was later acquired by Zeta Interactive, where I served as Vice President of Sales and Interactive Marketing. I also co-founded Iron Traffic, an online lead generation and advertising network that started with three employees in March of 2003 and was featured in the 2009 Inc 500 listing of fastest growing private companies in the US.

How was last 12 months, what worked well?

Last 12 months have been great. The growth of mobile and video, combined with the rising trend of content marketing have made it a must for companies to create engaging content and find distribution via social media, native networks and video platforms.

Anything you’d do differently?

Probably spend less time trying to create “perfect” content and focus more on distribution in order to scale.

Plans for the future?

Adding video creation as a service. Right now the focus is on writing content and building image base/infographics.

What future trends are you excited about?

Mobile and video are certainly the future. Companies need to adapt and create content designed for those channels.

You have a great following on twitter, how does it help you in business?

It creates visibility for me as an entrepreneur and opens opportunities I wouldn’t have any other way.

Has it helped helped you to grow you business?

If yes, in what ways? Yes, it has allowed me to connect with people and businesses that need our products and services.

Top tips to businesses looking to do well through social media?

Create content that resonates with your audience and have a clear strategy. Most people do not have a clear message/theme or strategy and they post randomly.

Online / offline, work / life balance, what are your strategies for managing this, now that we can be connected so much of the time?

It is hard sometimes to disconnect. I advice people to shut off their mobile devices after a certain hour and just do something else. It is easy to become hooked and think every e-mail, text message or notification is important but the reality is, anything can wait. Here’s a piece I was a part of that speaks to this:

Thanks a million, anything else you’d like to add / we should have asked you?

Thanks for sending this over. The only thing I would like to add is to remind everyone to never give up on their dreams. Dreams are the reason why we do what we do. Not following your dreams is a sure way to live a disappointing life.

Eder has been the recipient of several awards, including: 40 Under 40 Rising Latino Stars, Technology Trendsetter Award, Received a Certificate of Merit from the State of New York and has been named as one of the most influential marketing professionals by Inc. magazine

He is currently active in the online industry speaking circuit and serves as an executive adviser to several privately-held companies. He is also an active investor in small new technology and real estate ventures.

His areas of expertise are: Entrepreneurship, Revenue Generation, Data and Analytics, C-Suite Coaching, User Acquisition, Business development, Sales and Revenue Growth, Lead Generation, Mobile Marketing, Social Media, Performance based marketing and E-Commerce.

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