This week is Liina’s wedding anniversary. She is one year marred but together nine years with her husband Ben and they have too children together. They went out last night on a pub crawl in Tallinn. They visited a number of bars and pubs before finally locating this secret pub – a speak easie. Liina kind of knew where it was but only the vague area. They were searching for ages until they found a tiny plate on a wall with a phone number. They rang the number and were told to proceed to an exact address. The address was a plain office building. Someone opened the door and they stepped into an office foyer. They were brought to another door and stairs leading down to a basement and a fantastic bar. Welcome to the world of speak easies.

Aside from that I have been moving my furniture to my new house. Two horse box loads have travelled already. I know I need to cull some stuff and store some stuff. Moving house is very traumatic. I love my original cottage but my new cottage is also lovely. It will be nearer my kids so that it the main reason for the move.

Crypto this week was much nicer overall. Some improvement in price, less fluctuations and lots of solid stories coming through.

And then there is the world’s first ICON Awards in London. Don’t forget to enter your ICO, STO, whateverTO now here. It’s all done by public voting so anyone can win. ENTER HERE NOW



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