Sony are another Android device manufacturer that have been slowly turning their fortunes around of late.

After some really slow software update releases and “new” phones that had last years tech inside, the Entertainment giant parted company with Ericsson and we are now starting to see some fine devices hitting the market.

At the forefront of those releases is the Xperia Z. Announced a few weeks ago at CES, Sony are waisting no time getting this phone to market. The phone is expected to launch in Ireland sometime towards the end of February on all of the main networks.


Three UK have put the phone up for pre order today on their site and as a sweetener,  they are bundling a set of Sony MDR-1R headphones, worth £299 with each purchase. Pretty sweet indeed.

There is no word yet if Irish networks will bundle the headphones, or anything at all with the phone but there has been rumours that Sony’s small bluetooth speaker accessorie may be included by some retailers.

With or without some sweeteners to the deal, this is sure to be a very popular phone.



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