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We used the Sony A7R camera for 10 days, from Sony Cameras  and took around 2,500 pictures with it. We posted up some of the images as we trialed the camera, along with our UX observations as we used it.

Overall it takes great images, and manages to accurately reflect the subtleties of light and shade that we were hoping to capture. We have some sample images below to illustrate what the camera is capable of. We were given  a SEL55F18Z lens, (see image below) to use with the body. There is a brief learning curve, but soon we found it worked well, and could adapt between close ups and longer field shots.


As we took the pictures we posted notes and images online and you can see more here, and below.

These extra notes describe in detail the UX experience of the camera, it’s pros and it’s cons. Overall it was great fun to use. The body is light weight enough to hold comfortably in one hand, with a good ergonomically designed grip for the right hand to reduce the chance it might slip out and get dropped. The straps that tie the camera to the carrying strap constantly kept working themselves loose so you will need to watch this to ensure there are no unfortunate accidents.

As you would expect from a full frame sensor the quality of the images is pretty impressive. We had a 64gig memory card in the camera, but it was adequate for 10 days worth of pictures. The camera worked well in diminishing light as well as full sunshine settings, while still managing to capture a good range of subtle colour variations.

If it is within your budget, probably for someone moving up to their second DSLR camera, having decided they want a little more power and more detailed accurate representation of the images they are hoping to capture, then this is a great choice. The A7R is good fun, packs a lot of punch, is easy to use, and light enough that you do feel you can bring it with you for more outdoors locations with the ability to quickly capture fleeting moments.



dsc08773 and finally here


For more details see the Sony website here 

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