At the Web Summit there was an over abundance of startups that were looking to get noticed and in some cases looking for funding. Some of these startups claimed to be the next Uber or offered to solve a pain that has been solved countless times, but there were a few that I thought were interesting and worth mentioning.

ClosetDrop are an Australian startup and they describe themselves as the Airbnb of clothes. They allow you the chance to rent out your clothes, shoes and accessories. The idea of the business developed from the recent growth in popularity of renting dresses and gowns from rental boutiques popping up around Australia.

ClosetDropThe two founders noticed that the range available and especially sizing was very limited so we decide to build an online platform where everyone can rent clothing, shoes and accessories from each other. ClosetDrop has already launched in Australia and they are launching in America, New Zealand and the United Kingdom later this month.

Tucr is an online market place which merges online/offline shopping experiences, connecting users with products that are on the shelves of local stores. Tucr allows you to buy online and collect your shopping at your local store whilst also informing you of changes in prices of products that you are interested in.

The Danish company, DXTR Tactile, plan to disrupt the toy market and educational industry with smart building blocks that analyse offscreen play with real-time data about children’s development.

Play DXTRThe toy, PlayDXTR, is composed of 27 intelligent and magnetic building blocks called Kubits. EachKubit has built-in sensors and is connected to all the other blocks. The technology embedded inthem makes it possible to register orientation, movement and relative connections between eachbuilding block. This enables PlayDXTR to measure different objective parameters in the child’splay including hand eye coordination. The PlayDXTR can also be adapted to test for Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s in adults.

Ability App is an app that will help to improve the lives of all people with disabilities by giving them the resources to make informed decisions. Ability App will help people with disabilities and their caregivers search for specific disability friendly features, services and employment.
Alexander KnollDisability friendly features at specific locations will be listed like wheelchair ramps, Braille signs and menus, service animal friendly locations, wheelchair friendly restaurant seating and more. Other services like in-home care, grocery delivery, transportation, and occupational therapy will also be featured. Employment opportunities, specifically for people with disabilities, will also be listed on Ability App.

Tanteo offers a simple solution to a problem that parents can face every day when they can’t attend their kids games as it allows you to follow your kids games in real time.
TanteoThanks to Tanteo, work trips, meetings that run longer than anticipated and the rest of the obligations that impede parents from making it to the game, will no longer be an obstacle to staying informed on the key events that transpire on the sports field or basketball court. Tanteo can be adapted for most sports.

MiFile can save your life as using MiFile’s secure system, you can easily manage your personal health information, care wishes and key contacts online as well as deciding which information to share publicly and which to make available to medical professionals only. In an emergency situation, anyone arriving on scene first can help by searching for a MiFile number on MiFile’s secure server from a MiFile ID card or bracelet that you always have with you.

Sample-wooden-key-ringThey’ll be able to view basic information and choose from a list of preset messages to notify a key contact, letting them know where you are and what has happened. Registered medical authorities will be able to view the full profile and send key contacts a more detailed notification via email and SMS.

All of the above startups impressed me as they are offering simple solutions to problems that we may face every day or they are using modern technology that lets us know how well our children are developing and can also check for Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.The Ability App was the startup that impressed me the most as it was developed by Alexander Knoll a ten year old from America. Who has a bright future ahead and I look forward to seeing what else Alexander develops. Over the next few months I will be revisiting these startups as I feel they have a great future.

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