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Interesting news from the ‘Solve for X Ireland’ team @TechMoonshotsIE a community working to accelerate progress on technology. Independent group; activities and opinions no way linked to Google, the corporation

Solve for X is a project launched by Google in 2012 with the aim to spread the idea of moonshots and support people who are already thinking this way.

The movement has now grown to a series of events co-hosted by local organisations as well as an online communities showcasing moonshot projects. For most of these, Google and Google[X] (moonshots division) does not get involved (no blank cheques!) but mostly give exposure to these projects. Google wants to help others replicate what they are doing with the self-driving car, project Loon etc.

For Dublin, Solve for X has teamed up with GDG Dublin. Google Developer Groups (GDGs) are independent groups for developers who are interested in Google’s developer technology (Android, Chrome, Cloud,…). With chapters all over the world and a lot of experience in organising events, they are the ideal partners and have already organised event in the US, Turkey, Sweden, Greece, Nigeria, Uganda among other places.

It is likely more Solve for X events will be organised later this year in Dublin, Galway and Belfast.

The event on the 25th of July will be held in Google Dublin office. It is for a small group of about 25/30 with very different background to spark great ideas. Participant will, in small groups, work on a rapid prototyping session focused on designing tech moonshots to address the world’s most prevalent challenges. The objective of the  Moonshot Sprint is to get people to think about moonshot solutions to tackle global problems. We define a Moonshot as a radical solution, perspective or approach, which aims to solve a complex, global problem through a novel application of existing science or technology.

There are still places. They are looking for developers, designers, engineers, scientists, makers, researchers, artists, young and wise with shared optimism that science and technology can cause radically positive things to happen in the world. The theme of the event is not define yet but teams are expected to be tasked an issue in one of these categories: AI and robotics, computers and connectivity, energy, ressources and waste, food and water, heath and genomics, knowledge and learning, materials and manufacturing, security and infrastructure.

The form to register is here

If you have any questions contact via

@TechMoonshotsIE or email: [email protected]

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